Cloudza is specialized in providing reliable and scalable Cloud Computing services to meet client’s unique requirements.  We help organizations to become digital by utilizing the endless capabilities of cloud to derive new insights and to create new opportunities to stay ahead of competition. We offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to access advanced features and capabilities of the cloud.

What Cloudza Offer?

Cloud Consulting

Cloudza helps clients to determine IT/Business requirements for cloud strategies, create a perfect cloud roadmap and also in choosing the best cloud platform to accelerate business growth.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Cloudza provides a diverse range of cloud infrastructure solutions across Private, Public, and Hybrid cloud.

Public Cloud: Cloudza is specialized in Public cloud infrastructure implementation services, hence enabling the organizations to share their IT environment effectively.

Private Cloud: At Cloudza, we deliver Private cloud implementation services to provide organizations more secured, dedicated and scalable environment for mission critical applications.

Hybrid Cloud: Creating highly optimized Hybrid IT environment to leverage flexibility and security.

Cloud Application Development

Cloudza offers dedicated services in cloud application development. We deliver agile development solutions to enterprises with the help of Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google App Engine.

Cloud Application Migration

We migrate legacy applications to cloud with low cost at less risk.

Cloud Management Services

We provide cloud management services to organization providing them higher operational efficiency. Our technical team efficiently manage cloud applications across multiple platform in private, public, and hybrid environments.

Cloud Security

The cloud security experts at Cloudza will help to reduce risks and offer more security to the essential data in the organization through a comprehensive set of cloud security services.

Why Choose us?

  • Best implementation practices to help you navigate to Cloud Technology.
  • Eliminate risks and minimize IT costs, ensuring a successful deployment of Cloud Services in the Organizations.
  • Reduce time to market, increasing profitability
  • Improved user experiences.